The Wild kitchen at Mojo Bike Cafe


Sunday September 20th 8pm

Wild Kitchen Dinner at Mojo Cafe on Divisidero

Get tickets at

The Wild Kitchen is having its first above-ground dinner this coming Sunday at Mojo on divisidero. Don’t worry, none of the delicious trappings of the underground dinners you’ve come to love will be gone, we just won’t have to worry about ye old police knocking down the door. Mojo is an intimate space, so tickets are very limited for this one.

The Dinner is prix-fix, and available by ticket only through brownpapertickets.

The Wild Kitchen is a rambling dinner of wild foraged food, with each course focusing on several wild ingredients. What does that mean? Wild means uncultivated. Human hands have never touched this food until the day of its harvest. And the menu is:


Wild Foraged Fire Roasted Chestnuts

(if we can find them)


Fried Smelt and Foraged Lemon


Vanilla Fried Potatoes


Garlic-Nastertium aioli


Eucalyptus Huckleberry Sorbet


Charcuterie Plate


Wild Boar prosciutto

Sweet Pickled Seabeans

Chicken Liver Pate

Porchetta di Testa



Wild Nettle Tea


Poached Local Albacore Tuna


Sweet Corn, Heirloom Tomatoes


Tempura Fried Sea Beans


Acorn Ice Cream


Wild Foraged Blackberries

How it works:

The meal costs $50, and is 7 courses. Tickets are very limited and can be purchased at

Because we use the freshest wild foraged ingredients, sometimes the menu changes, but we’ll let you know before the dinner.

Mojo has been nice enough to let us use their space, and we want to make it worth their while. In contrast to previous wild kitchens, there will be a $10 corkage fee for wine, which will go to Mojo. There will be beer available for purchase.

If you have restaurant experience and want to help out (about 4pm-11 day of) in exchange for dinner, let us know, we could always use help.


The Wild Kitchen is looking for tasters. People brave enough to try new dishes in the pipeline for our dinners. Tasters cover the cost of food (usually about $10 per person), and give their opinion. If this sounds like something for you, please email us at

One response to “The Wild kitchen at Mojo Bike Cafe

  1. If you are still looking for help with the upcoming dinner, I’d be interested in helping. Work as a pastry chef and worked in restaurants for years.
    Also have done a lot of savory food as well so can help out with either.

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